Two opposing church members challenge each other to an absurd kickball game to recruit an outsider to their side of the pews.
Created in 2018
Shot in Pine City, MN

Directed by 
Joshua Zapata-Palmer & Joshua Cisewski
Written by
Joshua Zapata-Palmer, Joshua Cisewski, & Kelly Anderson
Produced by
Drawbridge Collective, Celeste Harlow, & Afton Benson
Becca Hart, Elizabeth Hawkinson, Neal Skoy,
Benjamin Domask-Ruh, Dawson Ehlke, Anna Stranz, Josh Peterson,
Rue Norman, Vlad Messing, & Jake Annis

Original Music
“Out of the Blue” by Hank Donato
“Whistledy Bistledy” by Benjamin Domask
Edited by Joshua Zapata-Palmer
Colored by Joshua Cisewski
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